Calcetines Altos Negros

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High-performance sports sock ideal for your most demanding sessions, comprehensive structure that promotes blood circulation and perfect support.

Its soft, elastic and resistant mesh fabric offers breathability by regulating the internal temperature and ventilation of the foot.

Long Black

Our Long cycling sock is designed to give elegance to your cycling style.

The socks are very light and breathable.

Ideal for all types of climates except extreme cold.

Its 22 cm shaft height provides a modern image for those cyclists who want a longer shaft height.

The support on the foot together with a perfect fit throughout the shaft, make our sock a perfect complement for long hours of pedaling.

Resistant, light and comfortable with an ELITE style, they significantly improve moisture management.

Temperature range: 20°C – 38°C

Weight: 45g. Talla S

Composition: Polyamide: 20% Elastane: 19% Lycra: 10%

Designed and manufactured in Spain.

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