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The last 16th of July Viator celebrated 25 years in sport field with a commemorative act that gave a brief review of the years that this company of Elche has collaborated, wore and evolved its products and sport disciplines. People related with the sport world such as sportpeople, journalists, clubs, universities, executives and managers didn’t want to lose this unique gala fully of surprises to the participants also the own brand.

viatorgala3The reknown Huerto de la Luz in Elche was the place where more than 200 participants took a picture in a photocall in which they could wave at brand’s founder, Juan Morales. Next, a snack were waiting in the swimming pool zone while the gala was starting conducted by Santiago Gambín and Pepe Morago. The dedication and passion for the ilicitan sport of both of journalists were perfect to present such a special gala for the brand.

Congratulations on the part of Jesús Pareja, Councilor for Sports and Consumer Affairs of the City of Elche, and Juanjo Barber, a provider that has been accompanying the firm from the beginning gave way to the expected speech by Juan Morales. Juan reviewed the 25 years of Viator’s history. Showing his plain and simple spirit, he wanted to focus on his family and the team that has accompanied him throughout these years, without which Viator would not have been possible. After inviting all workers and former employees to take a picture together the evening continued with a cocktail and show cooking, in which attendees could witness how a milhoja (typical dessert from Elche) was made live.


As we have already mentioned, we would like to thank all the attendees and those who could not accompany us on that magical night and who, despite everything, showed their support for the brand.

See you on the 50th anniversary!!