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Robson de Jesús Gomes (Río de Janeiro)

Position: Trade representative in Albacete and Madrid

His routine is composed by training, travelling, playing games and resting. Indoor soccer was the passion of Robson Gomes who had a ball since he were young. At age of 19, when he became his passion in his job, taking it professionally. His career in Brazil didn’t stop her to try his luck abroad, exactly in Spain, where he was member of Cordoba and Orense football teams. Finally, he stayed in the Club Albacete Futbol Sala, where he knew the Viator founder, Juan Morales.

Sport was how Robson started his relation with his actual business. It couldn’t be in another way because VIATOR wore the the first club team. At the beginning he collaborated informally, making public the brand in Albacete and surroundings, it end up being his final job at the end of 2004.

Robson covers an important necessity: know, be related and take care of his clients. “Viator take care of the details and answer quickly every client message. Attention need to be maximum in each client and order. Without a doubt, it is one of the reasons why a lot of clubs follow with us” aseveres Robson.

Albacete Balompié was wearing Viator clothing in all the football pitches of Spain First Division, and it made essential to control not only the city but all Castilla-La Mancha. Robson became as the sales agent in Albacete (otherwise in the Autonomous community) and, later, also in Madrid.

As a marketing expert, in the communication field or in accountancy, sales agent also become in a clue role for all big companies. Her job goes further than get clients, actual or potential, and he manage all the orders. «At the end, it is not just achieve a good sale, it’s achieve that the client would want buy again. Sales won’t come if our clients are not satisfied”.

One of the values of Viator is the proximity and the local spirit, that Robson could check first hand. «Due to my experience in the Albacete Futbol Sala, I knew the VIATOR management and, sincerely, he always makes me things so easy. There’s a narrow link between the company and its employees”.

With no doubt, the target of the company and its products has been the clue for Robson. I dedicated all my life to play football and work with VIATOR is a different way to continue bound to sport”.

«VIATOR wears sport. VIATOR is worried about its clubs and, above everything,about all the people who is in behind” he says.