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Mª Carmen Martínez Gómez (Elche)

Position: Designer

She is more than 15 years creating esthetic, capturing colours, lines or pictures with VIATOR corporate philosophy. More than 15 years being responsible of the client’s satisfaction with their sport clothes that adjust to their pleasures and preferences. She is, definitely, the responsible of make trends although nothing of that put pression on her. In the end, after all, it’s her passion.

Mª Carmen started in 1990 in the company as a pattern designer and designer. A task that has finished being her career and which she is trying to learn a little bit every day. Not for nothing, during a period she combined work with studies with a double learning: one more practical (VIATOR) and another more teorical (in the school).

«I stayed until 2002 in VIATOR, when I decided to change the sector to try her luck in a familiar business. It was a great experience that finished in 2011, period when I returned to the company”.

Exactly, having an opportunity to come back to the company where she started it’s a thing that she takes into account: I’ve always been treated very well and I have always had the doors open. I don’t think that it is a thing that occurs in a lot of companies” she states. In that sense, professionalism and team spirit are the two values that she admired most.

She is in charge of the Design Dept. (composed by three designers and a pattern designer). Mª Carmen aseveres that her task of direction and coordination it is as important as the work that other employees does. With this high level of work, every single task is basic”.

A precise and delicate work that requires a modern and complete equipment. A clue that VIATOR doesn’t doubt: “Since I started, the company has invested in the most modern market technologies. I believe that it is part of the success”.

What steps make up the chain once there is an order? Sales agents are the first to deal with the client and receive from the latter the necessary inputs in terms of color preferences, design … The role of the commercial is important since, at the beginning, it acts as an intermediary between the client and the Design Department. «Normally, the sales agents take us an initial sketch that gives us some first indications of what the client wants», explains Mª Carmen. From that phase, communication becomes directly between client and Design.

However, customers are not always so clear about what they want: «Some people know what philosophy to convey and what they want to be represented on the shirt, but we also find others who have no idea». It is at that moment that the most value is taken by inventiveness and imagination, always based on a business philosophy, on a design line.

“»I cannot say what I’m normally inspired by. There are days when one is not more illuminated and it is difficult to carry out designs. But it is something that is part of the game and what we have to tell » says the designer. Of course, the reality is that with more or less days of inspiration, the orders go forward following the expected timing.

Be with more or less inspired days, it is hard not to think about the great work that Mª Carmen and the department do every time we see new VIATOR sportswear.