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Fernando Santander makes a comparative between the gold two Trisuits of our Brand, Aeropower and Kompress. Which one will be their favourite? Will he have more sympathy of one of them depending the race that he compete in? Will he obtain best marks with one of them more than with the other one? All of that and more he describes by heart in this analysis:

“Since Federation allow in triathlon and duathlon keep our arms for our elbow (except in the short distance elite competitions), there are a lot of people that ask me, hey, Fernando, what trisuit is better, the Aeropower with leeves or the Kompress with brace? Honestly, here and now, I recognize that this question sounds familiar to me, who do you love more, dad or mum?


For me, neither of them are better than the other, they are different clothes with the maximum quality, but oriented to different uses. Maybe in the water there are a difference between those clothes, the two trisuits are designed without sews to adapting to our bodies, thinking to slide on the water as better as we can. The Aeropower with its sleeves and it back pocket could seems slower than the Kompress, but it isn’t, I did a 4×400 test at the same pulse each ones, alterning the two trisuits. With the Kompress I swam in 5:04 and with the Aeropower just only 2 seconds slower in the two test, if we check this times the Kompress it is faster. In confort, with the Aeropower we won’t have the same freedom of movements in our shoulders than with the Kompress, but it’s true that in spite of the sleeves of Aeropower suits more tight, we won’t feel pain because it’s recommendable for triathlons where we will use neoprene or trap suit, because it is on us completely and we avoid to have the upper part while we run with the wet sleeves, avoiding the trouble he supposed to be.


With all of that, I could say that my trisuit choices are depending on the race: for triathlon sprint and Olympic with Drafting, the Kompress is the excellence trisuit for being a little bit faster on the water and the fitting is which I need in short races. For Olympic without Drafting I will choose an Aeropower, where the size isn’t such as important while we run behind a competitor, that allow us to use a a trap suit, that I’m secure that’s the combination of trap suit with Aeropower is faster than with the Kompress. The plus aero of the suit with sleeves is also a point in favor. For hald and long distance there’s no doubt that the Aeropower is better, it also por the benefits that it gives me in the Olympic without Drafting, also for the provisioning pocket, for the best body regulation temperature that the sleeves offers you in the provisioning and because, at the same time, it avoids you to burn your body.


Does all this mean that a Kompress can be uncomfortable in an Ironman? Well, far from it, they are just my personal choices and the material I would use in each situation. I encourage you to try both trisuits and draw your own conclusions, surely neither of you disappoints. «

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