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At Viator we have been manufacturing equipment for Triathlon, Cycling, Running, etc. for more than 25 years, always with very high quality fabrics and latest technology, with the aim of improving ourselves in the finishes of each garment.

The care and maintenance of these garments is of vital importance to preserve durability and quality. We know how important it is for you to prolong the life of your favorite tritraje, your malliot or some technical shirt, so today we bring you several tips to wash and maintain your Viator sportswear.

  1. Golden Rule! Check the indications or symbols of the garment where graphically indicates the recommendations for the care of your garment. Normally in our VIATOR garments are printed on the inside of the garment (neck, jackets …)
  2.   It is preferable to wash clothes by hand, avoid washing clothes in the washing machine, otherwise always with cold water that does not exceed 30 ° and trying to turn the seams for a better washing.
  3. It’s obligatory use liquid and neutral soaps and detergents, always avoiding bleach. We will also flee from the softeners or additives, since they are very corrosive with the fabrics and could deteriorate it as well as plugging the transpiration holes.
  4. In no way iron the clothes! The use of the iron is prohibited since there is a high probability that you burn your clothes.
  5. Avoid rubbing the clothes hard, try to gently drain the water giving it a good rinse.
  6. Avoid hanging clothes in direct sunlight especially after using it, can cause tissue damage and colors due to moisture, sweat, etc … Otherwise, you can rinse with water to remove traces of sweat and creams and place it on a ventilated site. Likewise, you should not store wet clothes in bags or closed environments.

We hope that these tips and indications will help you so that you can enjoy your equipment as long as possible. If you have any questions you can contact us through our contact form, telephone and social networks, we will be happy to help.